Your journey is our journey

It sounds a bit cliched, doesn’t it?

But of course, it is true. We are embarking on a bit of new journey with YEARONE SOLUTIONS ourselves, and it is probably not the last venture either.

I follow the writings of Alan Weiss, and he advises quite strongly that successful advisors/ consultants must constantly reinvent themselves.

Whilst Y1 is a new venture for us, it is really just a logical home for us to bring together our experience to bear on a specific market with a specific challenge.

It came about though sheer frustration.

Ganador has been trading in its current format for over a decade in Australia, and more in a similar format as Quiver Enterprises in South Africa. In that business we have typically worked for large blue-chip companies (landlords, publishers and the like) on improving the success of their distribution via the SME retailers. We call it ‘Customer Education’: the big guys pay us to help the little guys;  but it is a win-win.

The frustration is that we are so often called upon when it is too late.

We are often asked by Landlords to help turn around what is known as ‘critical tenants’. By then, there is usually little hope because there is rarely any money to actually fix the problems at the root cause.

The most effective way of fixing a problem is to prevent the problem.

By the time you have have run out of money and need a ‘turnaround consultant’ it is impossible to re-stock the store, to spend money on Marketing and fix the fitout. Whilst we have some success – probably more than most – we hating taking people’s money when we cannot guarantee the outcomes.

Yearone Solutions is a specialist division of Ganador Management Solutions and trade in its own right. It is aimed at getting involved at the very beginning of the life of the retail business so that we can help our clients avoid problems.

Client 1: Investors: Landlord/ Property Owner

  • Due Diligence on Lease Assignement and New Deals (with Lease Incentives).

Client 2: Investors: Independent Retail Business Buyers

  • Business Buyers Agency (source, evaluate and negotiate) to ensure you buy right.

Client 3: Retail Business Owners (Starting Out)

  • Business Optimisation and setup, training and support to ensure you start smart.

From this you can see that we are applying our considerable retail expertise (more than five decades between the directors) to ensuring that your retail journey starts off on the right foot.

For a timely, no pressure, confidential chat, reach out to us.

What’s the harm?

Let’s enjoy the ride – and avoid the roadtrip from hell.

When you are ready…

  • Dennis – 0411 030 436
  • Moonyeen – 0408 200 590



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