Your Retail Business Plan

One of the important considerations for the Landlord/ Property Manager when considering a request to assign a lease, is the business plan.

  • That the business plan you submit, demonstrates to the landlord:
  • That you have a clear understanding of what you want to do (realistic goals)
  • That you have a clear understanding of what you are allowed to do
  • That you are prepared and have realistic expectations of financial returns
  • Your relevant experience

An additional, direct benefit to you is that it forces you to formally think through and document what you need to do to make the purchase of the new business a success. People who buy a business are usually very excited, and rightly so, but forcing yourself to formalise your thinking and your plans, putting dollars and timelines to it, is a very good reality check.

Actions Required

After you have applied for an assignment of lease (or a new lease if applicable) and this has been accepted by the landlord, you must complete the steps below. Please note that by completeing your application form, you are consenting to the verification of your identity and creditc checks via third party agencies.

  1. Contact Us to make arrangements for the Assessment Process
  2. Download the Business Plan Template
  3. Download the Business Plan Guidelines
  4. Complete the Business Plan (in Word format)
  5. Submit your Business Plan to YEARONE.SOLUTIONS  via email

The entire process is treated 100% as commercial in confidence.


Please see the dedicated RESOURCES page for all required downloads.

Feel free to contact Moonyeen Price  directly if there is a specific question or a you experience a technical difficulty.